Have questions about our services? We’ve grouped common ones and provided detailed answers.

Solar tanning

Machine tanning – a natural action of our skin that tans the inner layer of the skin to “protect us from the UV rays” and this is how the tan is actually created – this tan is exactly the same as the sun (yes, you also get vitamin D here) and can last between three weeks for a month and a half. There are all kinds of shades in tanning boosters of your choice but it is very important to understand that the main shade will be your natural shade. This tan is suitable for everyday use, events, vacations, photos and for any purpose (not suitable for pregnant women). Machine tanning is recommended to start three weeks before the desired day in order to build a controlled, uniform and quality tan.

In recent years, the field of tanning has gotten a very bad name, due to aggressive campaigns by the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. Let’s start by saying that controlled tanning is a very important part of our lives, because of the things that vitamin D gives the human body. This is mandatory and not recommended.

Secondly, our body knows how to accept things in low and controlled doses, as soon as we give it too much it is not good – as in everything in life – if we do too much it can be unhealthy! That’s why it’s important to follow the rules of tanning that are meant to protect us.

A third and very important thing, when they say that there is a risk of harm of one kind or another, if you compare it to cigarettes, alcohol, etc., it does not even come close to the 00.3 percent level of risk.

18 years old and above only.

Correct tanning differs from person to person, it is important to understand the limitations – a light-skinned person should tan between two and three times a week in the first month, after that drop to one tan a week at most.

A dark person needs no more than once twice a week for the first month and then switch to once a week.

Click here for recommended tanning programs according to your skin type

1. Bones
Vitamin D is essential for bones and reduces fractures. The vitamin was discovered in 1922, when researchers noticed that rickets was caused by a lack of this vitamin, which is essential for bones. The Ministry of Health currently emphasizes that a lack of the vitamin causes damage to bone quality and an increased risk of fractures and may cause rickets in children. Therefore, the recommendation is to give the baby vitamin D from birth to one year of age.

2. The respiratory system
Some limited studies have shown that vitamin D can protect the respiratory system, and that taking the vitamin may reduce respiratory infections (colds) and reduce the use of antibiotics. It should be noted that there was also one study that failed to prove that the vitamin protects the respiratory system.

3. Diabetes
Some studies have shown a link between diabetes and a low level of vitamin D, but it is not yet clear for sure whether there is a causal relationship between the two.

4. Heart disease
Some studies have found a link between a low level of vitamin D and heart disease. However, it turned out that extremely high levels of vitamin D – over 60 nmol/liter – do not protect the heart and it even turned out that they increase the risk of heart disease. Another study that followed older women who took vitamin D did not find that taking vitamin D had a protective effect against heart disease.

5. Obesity
Vitamin D seems to have some connection to obesity. It was found that obese women suffer from vitamin D deficiency, and babies of women who suffered from vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy were also prone to obesity in childhood. In women over the age of 65, a relationship was found between a normal level of vitamin D and a normal weight.

6. Cancer
Women who had breast cancer and took vitamin D, or did not have vitamin D deficiency, had less breast cancer recurrence.

7. Neurological function
It was found that mothers who suffered from vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy were at an increased risk of giving birth to a baby who would suffer from autism. Even when you map the rates of children with autism, you see that the incidence increases in areas where there is less sunlight.

People who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease also have a low level of vitamin D, and it has been shown that giving vitamin D3 helps improve cognitive performance. It turns out that vitamin D3 helps clean the amyloid in the brain – the same substance that accumulates in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients.

In addition, it became clear that children born to mothers who suffered from vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy developed less well in the verbal domain than children born to mothers whose vitamin D levels were normal.

8. Stroke
Studies have shown that those who suffer from a low level of vitamin D are at a higher risk of having a stroke (a 25% increase in risk).

9. Multiple sclerosis
Both a low level of vitamin D and low exposure to the sun in childhood are associated with an increased risk of having multiple sclerosis.

10. pains
A low level of vitamin D probably increases the sensitivity to pain in various situations. A link was also found between a low level of vitamin D and period pain, muscle pain in breast cancer treatments and knee pain in diseases of the erosion of the cartilage in the knees.

11. Lung disease
It turns out that a lack of vitamin D affects the effectiveness of the treatment of asthma patients. On the other hand, giving vitamin D helps to recover from tuberculosis.

12. Inflammatory bowel diseases
Women who are deficient in vitamin D or live in areas with little sunlight are at increased risk of developing inflammatory bowel disease.

• The daily life of intestinal disease: life according to Crohn’s

13. Depression
Studies have indicated the existence of a relationship between depression and lack of vitamin D.

14. Food allergy
There are studies that have indicated a possible link between vitamin D deficiency and food allergy.

15. Tooth decay
Some studies have shown that vitamin D supplementation can help prevent tooth decay.

One of the most common questions we receive, so we wanted to sort it out for you and clarify some very important things.

We work exclusively with the global brand HAPRO
All our equipment is the same in all branches
When we change light bulbs, we do it centrally for the entire branch for uniformity

And to sum up, there is no difference between the machines, they are all the same power, they all change bulbs at the same time and we always balance them.

It is not possible to get a tan day after day
A very important rule – customer health comes first.
Therefore, it is not possible to tan day after day.
For several reasons;

It is not healthy for the body.
As soon as you tan, the body performs a browning procedure that takes up to 36 hours.
You have to let the body do its thing and not overload it – it can only cause harm rather than benefit.

We are aware that 99% of the places in Israel do not enforce this – we consider it a very serious matter.

No exceptional authorization will be given to any customer under any circumstances.

You can shower normally.

There is no connection between showering and tanning, tanning is subcutaneous (under the skin).

Only if you use a tan accelerator cream

You have to wait 4 hours before showering.

For the reason that the cream continues to work on the skin even after tanning.

The solar tan is a completely natural tan, just like in the sun.

Can last on the skin for a month and a half and more if you stop tanning completely.

Of course, it slowly fades – everyone at their own pace, probably people who are darker in their natural tone, their tan will last longer.

On the other hand, light-skinned people will lose their tan faster.

Tanning before/after laser hair removal

The laser works in such a way that it focuses on dark hair follicles, when the surrounding skin is even twice as dark, the laser can damage the layer of the skin and cause a burn.

That’s why the laser salons require at least two weeks (12 days) difference between tanning treatment and laser treatment.

After the laser treatment, you can tan already after 48 hours (after the pores in the skin have closed) and there will be no sensitivity in the skin.

It is important to note and clarify

Today there are modern laser technologies that know how to be more precise and perform treatments even when the skin is dark. SHR and the like – it is recommended to consult with the technicians of the laser you are doing in order to get an accurate answer.

Wax after/before tanning

Wax treatment can be done before/after 48 hours of tanning.

Since the pores are open, the skin is sensitive, so you have to let the skin close and only then tan.

Tanning and tattoos

You can get a tan about a month after getting a new tattoo.

It is important to note

Exposure to the sun (tanning) slowly fades the tattoos, therefore it is recommended to use a protective product and apply it to the areas with the tattoos and thus preserve the longevity of the tattoo.

האם מותר לעשות שיזוף במכונה לפני או אחרי טיפול פנים ?

אז קודם כל חשוב לציין שההפרש לפני או אחרי חייב להיות מינימום 48 שעות (יומיים) מהסיבה שבמהלך טיפול פנים או שיזוף הנקבוביות שלנו נפתחים והעור הופך לרגיש מאוד, לכן מומלץ לתת לעור להירגע ולנקבוביות להיסגר ורק לאחר מכך לבצע טיפול\שיזוף.

שיזוף בהתזה הוא שיזוף שנעשה ע”י תמיסה מיוחדת אשר צובעת את השכבה העליונה של העור ויכול להחזיק עד שבוע – בהתאם להתחדשות העור שלכם. הגוון מתאים את עצמו לפיגמנט שלכם והוא יראה שונה מאדם לאדם. כמובן שבכל תמיסה איכותית של התזה יש המון תוספות של ברונזרים אשר נותנים לעור מראה בריא, נוצץ וזוהר.

לכל אדם מגיל 12 ומעלה, מתאים גם לנשים בהריון!

שיזוף בהתזה יכול להתאים לאירוע וצילומים (גם לנשים בהריון) ולא יתאים לחופשה עם בריכות וים. שיזוף בהתזה מומלץ לעשות יומיים לפני היום הרצוי.

  1. מקלחת טובה + פילינג לפני ההגעה.
  2. לאחר המקלחת לא לשים על הגוף שום דבר – לא קרם גוף, לא קרם פנים, לא ספידסטיק\דאורדורנט, לא איפור, פשוט לבוא עם עור נקי לגמריי.
  3. להגיע עם בגדים רחבים! לא צמודים, עדיף לא בהירים גם, מומלץ גם נעליי אצבע.
  4. לקחת בחשבון שאסור להתקלח בין 6-8 שעות לפחות ואסור לבוא במגע עם מים או להזיע במהלך הזמן הזה.
  5. לאחר ה-6-8 שעות לעשות מקלחת עדינה, לסבן את הגוף עם הידיים בעדינות ולאחר המקלחת לפוצץ את העור בקרם לחות\גוף. בכדי שהצבע יישמר ליותר זמן יש לחזור על פעולה זו לאחר כל מקלחת.

עמוד הוראות הגעה לשיזוף בהתזה

1. “זה משאיר כתמים” – שקר. החומר שמתיזים על העור זהו צבע מיוחד שמתיישב על השכבה הראשונית של העור – ברגע שהעור מתחיל להתחדש (להתקלף) אז איתו יורד הצבע. ברגע שזה קורה פשוט עושים פילינג וזה הכל.

2. “זה לא מחזיק הרבה זמן” – שקר. שיזוף בהתזה אמור להחזיק בערך שבוע+, אם שומרים עליו בצורה נכונה – שומרים על העור לח ובריא ע”י קרם גוף וכו’ הוא יכול להחזיק אפילו יותר.

3. “זה לא בריא” – שקר. ההפך הוא הנכון, שיזוף בהתזה איכותי עשוי מחומרים טבעיים בלבד והוא לא על בסיס שמן (הנקבוביות נשארות פתוחות). הוא גם מכיל אנטי אייג’ינג, אלוורה, מטרוקסיל, חומצות אמינו, אלסטין. הידעתם? רופאי העור אפילו ממליצים על שיזוף בהתזה.

4. “זה נראה מלאכותי” – שקר. תמיסה איכותית של התזה מתאימה את עצמה לפיגמנט הטבעי שלך עם תוספת של ברונזרים בשביל מראה זוהר, חלק ויפה!

5. “זה משאיר צבע על הבגדים” – שקר. לאחר שעושים התזה יש להישאר עם החומר על העור במשך כ-6 שעות במהלך הזמן הזה החומר מתייבש טוב טוב על העור ואז לאחר המקלחת השאריות יורדות וזהו. כמובן שאם תזיעו ותיכנסו לבריכה זה ירד – אחרי הכל זה צבע.

שיזוף עצמי הינו תכשיר ייעודי לשיזוף ביתי מלאכותי.

התכשיר ידידותי למשתמש וקל מאוד לשימוש.

מגיע בספריי או מוס (יש סוגים מסויימים שמגיעים גם בקרם)

ברוב המקרים התכשיר עשוי מרכיבים טבעיים

החומרים דומים מאוד לחומרים שמצויים בשיזוף בהתזה אך יותר עדינים ופחות מרוכזים.

לכל אדם מגיל 12 ומעלה, מתאים גם לנשים בהריון!

שיזוף עצמי יכול להתאים לאירוע מסויים, ליום יום, לחופשות ובקיצור לכל מטרה

אז קודם כל אנחנו רוצים לעשות את זה על עור נקי ויבש

לכן, נעשה מקלחת טובה ואם יש גם פילינג נחדש את כל העור שלנו.

ולאחר נמרח את התכשיר על הגוף – מומלץ בעזרת כפפה ייעודית בלבד!

להתיז את החומר על הכפפה ואז למרוח על הגוף.

בפנים – להתיז ישירות.

לחכות לפחות 10 דק’ לפני שמתלבשים וזה הכל. (ניתן גם לזרז את תהליך הייבוש בעזרת פן)

ניתן להתאפר על זה, ניתן להתנהל רגיל לגמריי!

מומלץ לעשות אחת לשבוע (במקסימום פעמיים).

כמובן. מתאים גם לשימוש בפנים.

ישנם כמה סוגים של תכשירים לשיזוף עצמי

זה נע בין 3 ימים ל 5 ימים.

מומלץ לעשות פילינג לפני השימוש ולשמר את העור עם קרם לחות ייעודי בכדי לקבל תוצאה מירבית שנשמרת להרבה זמן.

Licenses and Approvals

We work with an organized and valid business license that includes all the parameters required to operate a tanning salon

Such as firefighting approval, Ministry of Standards approval, Ministry of Health approval and more.

All our products are regularly imported through an Israeli importer and all are approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health and according to the European and American standard.

All our equipment is imported through an Israeli importer and meets all the standards of the Israeli, European and American Standards Institute office.

We have certification and a certificate of excellence from the company “Top Sun”

Correct and professional use of tanning showers
Full compatibility and familiarity with all Australian Gold and Desinger Skin and Emerald Bay and SOLEO and Thatso products
Spray tanning technique

24 – This is actually an innovative and unique service and an exclusive invention of the MIniSun tanning club chain.

The service gives customers full access to the place at all hours of the day.

You can come 24/6 except during Saturdays and holidays
How to operate the instrument is very simple.
The access to the place is convenient, private and discreet.
The place is fully automatic, air conditioning, lighting, equipment and much more.

Very simple, enter here

Choose the desired branch and then the desired service and proceed through the expedited registration process.

You can renew through the website in the personal area under the icon renewal of tans

Getting into tanning is easy and simple!

Click here to watch an instructional video for entering the place

Entering the personal area:

• Click on the login / activation button
• Allow him to open the camera.
• Scan the QR code located near the door and enter the place.

After entering the room we will first get organized and be ready to sunbathe

Click here to watch a video for operating the machine

After we have scanned the QR code, simply mark the number of minutes we want to tan and press start. As soon as we press start, the machine will start working immediately.


The machine can only be activated once
It is impossible to stop the action, once we have pressed play it is impossible to go back.
There will be situations where the machine is still cooling down (if you entered right after a customer left in front of you) you will receive an error that the machine is still cooling down, please wait patiently and then turn it on. It is important to know that after each operation of the machine it cools down automatically for 3 minutes.

All the tanning rooms have a poster with a recommendation for the length of tanning time.

You can also see here:

very bright

Start with 5-6 minutes maximum the first time and gradually increase by one minute each treatment.

If after the treatment you were very red in the next treatment stay for the same time.

There may be slight redness after a few hours – this is normal to begin with.


Start with 7-8 minutes maximum the first time and gradually increase by one minute each treatment.

If after the treatment you were very red in the next treatment stay for the same time.

There may be slight redness after a few hours – this is normal to begin with.


Start with 9-10 minutes maximum the first time and gradually increase by one minute each treatment.

If after the treatment you were very red in the next treatment stay for the same time.

There may be slight redness after a few hours – this is normal to begin with.

very tanned

You can do the maximum (12 minutes)

It is important to note and emphasize – the number of minutes in our equipment and the number of minutes in other places are not the same.

Please do not take other places for comparison purposes.

If you need advice and a recommendation, you can always ask us and we will be happy to help with advice and guidance.

This content is a general recommendation only and is the sole responsibility of the user.

All rights reserved to MiniSun.

Click here for detailed instructions on how to connect to the music player

The clubs are not open during Shabbat or holidays.

It closes before the beginning of Shabbat and opens again at the end of Shabbat

The exact hours should be updated on the branches page.

There are several options for purchasing products

The best way is through the website, click here to enter
or by phone purchase during the center’s operating hours

If you purchased on the website you will receive an order number via WhatsApp and email, when you arrive at the location just follow the instructions you received via email and WhatsApp and open the cabinet with the push of a button.

It is not mandatory to make an appointment, but it is recommended

If you want to book an appointment, you can do so in the personal area at the make an appointment for tanning icon

The Rehovot branch has parking for balance holders only. For directions, click here

At the Tel Aviv branch we do not have private parking, we park on the street or in the Gan Ha’ir parking lot. It is important to note that at 18:00 the municipality’s parking lot opens for free parking. (under the bridge)

The Beit Shemesh branch has organized and free parking in the neighborhood.

The Yavne branch has an organized and free parking lot in front of the business.

The Rishon LeZion branch has an organized and free parking lot in front of the business.

There is no private parking at the Jerusalem branch, you can park on the street or in the surrounding parking lots.

Go to the following link – we have prepared a comprehensive guide for you

You can pay with a credit card, Bit, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Cash can be paid during customer service hours only Sunday-Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Tabs and subscriptions

לא, לא ניתן לנקב על אף אדם אחר.

הכרטיסיות\מנויים הינם אישיים בלבד ואינם ניתנים לשיתוף.

שימו לב, במקרים של התחברויות מרובות ממכשירים שונים למערכת המשתמש ייחסם לאלתר וללא החזר כספי.

אכן, תוקף הכרטיסיות אצלנו הינו 3 חודשים.

מנוי מתחדש בהוראת קבע (בכרטיס אשראי)

מיניסאן הינה הרשת הבלעדית בישראל אשר מציעה מנוי חודשי מתחדש משתלם במיוחד.

מנוי חודשי לשיזוף – מנוי שניתן להגיע בו כמה שרוצים במהלך כל החודש (כמובן יום כן יום לא מקסימום)

דגשים חשובים

  • ניתן לעשות מנוי אך ורק בכרטיס אשראי – ניתן גם בדיירקט
  • המנוי לא תופס מסגרת אלא מבצע חיוב אוטומטי בכל תאריך בו הצטרפתם למנוי לדוגמא אם ניצטרף ב 13 לחודש, אז החיוב יתבצע באופן אוטומטי בכל 13 לחודש. במקרים בהם רוצים לשנות מחזור חיוב ניתן ליצור איתנו קשר.
  • לא ניתן לבטל את המנוי במהלך החודש הראשון.
  • כאשר מבטלים את המנוי תמיד יהיה חודש שלם קדימה! לתשלום מיידי. במהלך חודש הביטול המנוי עדיין תקף ועדיין אפשר להשתזף באופן רגיל.
  • ביטול המנוי יבוצע דרך האזור האישי באייקון ביטול מנוי חודשי בלבד.
  • לא ניתן להקפיא מנוי.

המנוי מתחדש תמיד באופן אוטומטי עד כאשר מבטלים אותו.

לקוחות אשר לא הגיעו לשיזוף ולא ביצעו ביטול ימשיכו לחוייב כחוק עד לביטול רישמי של המנוי.

אך ורק רכישה מסוג מנוי חודשי  מתחדש מולטיקלאב ניתנת למימוש בכל סניפי הרשת.

כל שאר המנויים, כרטיסיות וכו’ לא ניתן לממש בסניפים אחרים, אלה רק בסניפים בהם נרכש.

We’re here to assist with any product or query.