Hemp Nation TAN Extender 535ML


Body cream designed for those who need and want to maintain their tan. Hemp Nation nourishes the skin, reduces the appearance of signs of dryness and fine wrinkles that are visible to the eye, penetrates deep into the skin layer and extends the life of the tan. To maintain the tan it is important to apply daily.

Product benefits:

Hydrating Complex:
A mixture of pure Hemp speed oil and other moisturizing components that quickly penetrate deep into the skin and leave it soft and pleasant to the touch.

HydraRich Blend:
An exclusive formula that locks the moisture deep within the skin layer.

Anti aging:
Direct introduction of vitamin E and vitamin B5 that allows full protection against the signs of skin aging.

Skin rejuvenation:
Small mico particles that are very helpful in reducing the signs of skin aging and directly treat the small fine lines that are visible to the eye.


The product is available in several different scents, you can choose a scent from the options.

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