Terms of use minisun

Self-service procedures 24 hours a day
I confirm that I have been instructed on how to use the tanning machines and I am aware that excessive or irresponsible use according to the instructions given to me is my sole responsibility.
I undertake to make sure that the entrance door to the store is locked after entering/leaving the premises. And if there is a problem, I am obliged to report to Minisan by phone call/message.
I am aware that I can bring in only 1 friend with me who will wait in the waiting area in the central space of the store – in addition, it is absolutely forbidden to bring the friend into the tanning room!.
I hereby undertake not to let any person into the place and not to open the door to any stranger/other customer. Entry is personal only and through each customer’s personal account.
I undertake to keep the place clean, especially in the tanning room – no dirt should be left on the floor. Please put back my goggles.
Do not operate the tanning machine for more than 1 use only!.
Do not enter the tanning devices with oils of any kind.
I am aware that the whole place (except the tanning rooms) is documented and recorded 24 hours a day.
Don’t go tanning day after day. (with a difference of 36 hours max.)
Do not use the tanning facilities under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
I undertake to compensate Minisan for any damage caused to the equipment on site, of any kind, including damage to the structure, due to use not according to these rules and/or due to careless use on my part.
Mini Sun is not responsible for personal belongings on site.
I am aware that if I do not respect the procedures of the place, ‘Minisan’ will be entitled to cancel the subscription without refund without detracting from any remedy and/or right to which ‘Minisan’ is entitled due to an act and/or omission that is contrary to the aforementioned procedures.

The tab is personal only and cannot be shared.
The card is valid for 3 months only.
It is not possible to cancel/qualify/move a tab.
A monthly subscription renews by standing order (K.A.)
The billing cycle will be the day of the purchase and will be made automatically every month. (If you later wish to change the billing cycle day, please contact us).
It is not possible to cancel a subscription in the first month.
Canceling the subscription is conditional on paying a calendar month ahead in advance. Always. This means that if we decide to cancel the subscription, we will always take into account another full month ahead – of course, during this month you can get a tan as usual.
It is not possible to freeze a subscription.
I know that even a subscriber who did not arrive at the club will continue to be billed by law until the subscription is officially cancelled.
You can cancel a subscription by clicking on the “cancel subscription” icon in the personal area.

*Non-compliance with subscription payments may result in arrears interest being charged and enforcement procedures*
Free-sale operation

The sale can only be purchased before the opening date of the branch (up to the day before) and with a credit card only, registration through the website only.
The tan can only be redeemed at the branch where it was purchased. Cannot be redeemed at other network branches during the first month of subscription.
The subscription start date will start on the official opening day of the branch.
The subscription cannot be canceled during the first month.
Cancellation is conditional upon payment of a calendar month in advance. Always. The cancellation is done through the personal area in the icon “Cancellation of monthly subscription”.
Calendar and appointment management

Tanning appointments will be made using the personal area only. – It is important to arrive within 30 minutes of your scheduled appointment.
Customers who have scheduled an appointment are first priority in the tanning queue. (As long as it is within a range of up to 30 minutes – beyond that, you lose your turn)
Customers who arrive spontaneously at the place will enter the tanning according to their arrival time at the place!
Mandatory affidavit Ministry of Health
(Copied from the website of the Ministry of Health)

• Cover your eyes with protective glasses, not covering your eyes will cause burns and vision impairment.

• Avoid overexposure, as in natural sunlight. Uncontrolled exposure and not according to the instructions to the light of the lamps can cause damage to the eyes, skin, and allergic reactions.

• Overexposure may cause aging of the skin, dryness, wrinkles.

• An increased reaction of skin sensitivity can be caused by different types of food, drugs (laxatives, antibiotics, high blood pressure drugs, birth control pills, and cosmetics). Please consult a doctor before using the tanning booth, if you use a certain medication, have a history of skin problems or are particularly sensitive to sunlight.

• Tanning by the tanning booth will increase the tanning effect from the sun. Avoid using sunlight before or after using the tanning booth. It is forbidden to tan if you currently have sunburn.

• It is recommended to use only once, at most, for a period of 36 hours.

• If you don’t tan from the sun, you probably won’t tan from the tanning booth.

• Tanning is prohibited for pregnant women. (at any stage)

• The use of a tanning facility is prohibited for young people under 18 years of age.

• If any complications appear as a result of using a tanning device, stop tanning and consult a dermatologist.

• Tanning can harm any person at any age, and harm is especially expected to sunbathers from among the risk groups.

• It is recommended to consult a doctor regarding the risk of using a tanning facility to find out if the client is in a risk group, from those listed below:

• Multiple (over 50) moles;

• Personal history of skin cancer or pre-cancerous conditions;

• History of melanoma in a first or second degree family member;

• History of multiple sunburns in childhood;

• History of radiotherapy (radiation) or chemotherapy;

• Albinism (albinism);

• skin of a type that burns or burns very easily from exposure to the sun and does not tan;

• Diseases related to sensitivity to the sun and tendency to sunburn;

• Inflammatory skin diseases or damage to the integrity of the skin (such as: burn, injury or lack of skin);

• Unstable chronic health problems or acute illnesses such as: eye diseases, heart diseases, hypertension, asthma or other lung disease, acute infections such as herpes simplex.

I confirm that I have read and understood the warnings listed below:
The Ministry of Health states that tanning between the radiation of the sun and the radiation of a tanning facility carries a risk of health damage to the sunbather.

This position is based on accumulated evidence in the medical literature, according to which radiation in the ultraviolet field causes many damages to the skin, including

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