Most Advanced tanning clubs in israel

Come and experience the ultimate tanning experience, tanning is available around the clock!

tanning bed

Tanning with the latest and most accurate equipment in the world from Hapro - the Netherlands. The most advanced and high-quality machines that provide fast and efficient tanning, an extraordinary tanning experience that includes air-conditioned and ventilated machines with a high-quality surround system.

spray tanning

Professional spray tanning by a professional and high-quality solution that is suitable for the Israeli climate, made from only natural ingredients, recommended by dermatologists! The tanning is done manually by a skilled person with years of experience in the field.


Self tanning

Self-tanning products from a variety of the world's leading brands! For every use and purpose, prices are especially attractive.

Tanning 24 hours a day!
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In an innovative and unique method, we have set up a perfect tanning system for you around the clock!

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All tanning products in one place

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